How’s it goin’?

So…it’s been a while since I checked in, but I swear I have been busy…
Moving to a new city, finding an apartment, waiting for that apartment to be livable, shopping for furniture, unpacking the bare minimum to maintain some sort of daily routine, learning the public transit system, adjusting to the noise of the city since coming from my cone of silence a’top the hill, while all the while doing my best to absorb the abundance of information doled out to beginning culinary students so that later in the curriculum we can recall that specific little technique that keeps our precious Hollandaise Sauce from breaking. All that’s missing is a natural disaster, oh wait…I just experienced my first hurricane…aaaannnnnd done!

Sunset over New York City

Here is a quick glimpse of some of the beautifully traditional, mouthwatering dishes created so far in my short time at The French Culinary Institute.

Recipes Created at The French Culinary Institute

Among the recipes included above are variations on a Classic Sabayon with StrawberriesMarinated Lamb ChopsSteamed Mussels and Cream Puffs awaiting their filling.

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