A Trip to the Market

Spend some time strolling through the foodie haven of Chelsea Market. Not only the home to The Food Network but an abundant array of gourmet delectables and tasty delights. Choose from shopping for creative ingredients to gather and bring back to your own cozy kitchen or pop into any of the prepared food shops and restaurants to be spoiled with some of the most unique dishes around.


A lingering browse through Buon Italia, a shop simply yet indulgently stocked with imported Italian goodies allowed me to feed my recent obsession with snacking on olives. A few with every meal seems to be my go-to as well as my constant treasure hunt at every gourmet spot I stumble upon. This medley caught my eye purely for the larger than usual, boldly bright red variety drawing me in (I have been accused of being easily distracted by something shiny, I guess bright colors work too.). The Red Bella di Cerignola Olive has become an instant favorite with it’s meaty flesh and mild flavor. This package of mixed olives is in a brine with no additional herbs so it’s perfect for me to experiment with my own flavor combinations of marinades.


Continuing through the refurbished industrial bakery leads me to The Filling Station, which lets you taste and try a beautiful collection of oils, vinegars and salts. My first trip to the station encouraged me to send my mother a bottle of Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar as an answer to her inquiry for a special vinegar for bread dipping. For myself, a jar of their White Truffle Salt, which they describe as “Extraordinary when used as the secret ingredient in your mac-and-cheese recipe!” How could I resist?


A final touch and treat for the day has to come from Jacques Torres Chocolates who just happens to be the Dean of Pastry Arts at The International Culinary Center, yummy and stylish bite size truffles or perhaps a “Wicked Hot Chocolate” from no other than “Mr. Chocolate” himself.


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