Cooking with Class

Well, I did it. I’m done. It’s over. I’m out.


My classmates and I shut it down with a sigh of relief after our final exam on March 31st and graduated from the French Culinary Institute on April 3rd with degrees in Classic Culinary Art. Comments from the chef’s and proctors of our final are full of praise for a smooth, calm, catastrophe-free night in the kitchens.
Throughout the nine month, three night a week program we were exposed to classic techniques for traditional dishes such as Bœuf Bourguignon, Pot au Feu, Consommé, Pots de Crème and many other delights.


We were presented with half of a pig and guided in the butchering and preparation for a Charcuterie buffet.


We were taught by chef instructors from The International Culinary Center, which was recently awarded the title of “Vocational Cooking School of the Year” by the International Association of Culinary Professionals…not a bad reference to have on our resumes.


Chef Nick told us in one of our first couple of classes that we would become very close as classmates and build strong friendships along the way. I’m not sure how many of us believed it, but I think we all do now.


Cheers to all my partners, teammates and kitchen crooners….we did it.
We’re done. It’s over. We’re out.*Some photos were taken by friends, family and classmates.

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