Face the ocean

Life is simple while also being incredibly complicated.

Some days it’s the little things that matter, from the delectably baked fresh scone you start your day with to the minutes of Zen you find while scrolling through your instagram stream.

Other days are overfilled with demanding tasks, appointments and obligations that take you away from those moments when life is simple.

I’m here to bring you back to the simple.

See what I see in the smallest corners of a stand filled with handmade souvenirs in Tulum or the swirling of a fresh bowl of homemade marshmallow fluff. It’s in these moments that we find inspiration and amusement from the new discovery or comfortably relieved from similar memories.

After years as a fine artist in California I turned my creativity towards the culinary world, studied at The French Culinary Institute in New York City and now sharing art and food in NYC (and other destinations), mostly from the surface of a plate or the well of a martini glass.

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